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Press Release: PDA Leader calls for Turks and Caicos Cabinet papers to be exposed

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Press Statement Oswald Skippings
#TurksandCaicosIslands, Monday April 23, 20-18 – We are all aware of the British age old game of convenient colonialism, hence no conscious politician or voter for that matter, should be in any haste whatsoever to validate any British claims or assertions against an elected government in an overseas territory.
The governor however, has exposed himself and afforded our Premier a clear and unobstructed opportunity to expose the British and vindicate her and her PDM administration from what is tantamount to flagrant and brazen allegations of falsehood, apathy and incompetence in her government.
She is now free to produce the cabinet papers presented by her and her ministers proposing the rehabilitation projects for our airport terminal, school buildings, community centers, government buildings and so on, that were devastated by hurricanes Ike, Irma and Marie. Honorable premier expose the governor by showing to the public when these proposals were presented to cabinet and overridden by the governor himself.
In the case where it may have been any civil servants obstructionists, as permanent secretaries, or other financial officers, department heads or managers, produce your written directives or requests and expose them too. This has escalated way beyond a word and blame game, the ability and credibility of you and your government have been placed on the line by her majesty’s government and you have wherewithal to easily and convincingly defend that and put this matter to rest leaving no doubts whatsoever in the minds of both your supporters, non supporters and your haters.  
I often wonder why we allow ourselves to be inextricably entangled in webs that may so easily be disentangled.
Madam Premier, the Governor apparently unknowingly, opened the door, so walk in and expose them all and put them to shame, put this matter to bed and restore your credibility and that of your PDM government.

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