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BAHAMAS: Sixth Labour On The Blocks, a Tremendous Success


#Bahamas, April 18, 2018 – Nassau – Hundreds of active job seekers turned out in large numbers for the Ministry of Labour and the Department of Labour’s sixth Labour on The Blocks Job Fair at the Doris Johnson High School on Prince Charles Drive on Saturday, 14 April, 2018.

The Minister of Labour, Senator, the Hon. Dion A. Foulkes said, “It went exceptionally well. Over 500 people have been interviewed and we are hopeful that a lot of them will be employed from this job fair.”

Minister Foulkes announced that the job fair will most likely be the last one to be held before the Christmas season. He noted that the next job fair will be held around the Christmas season, as this is usually a time when employers take on new hires.

Minister Foulkes who was accompanied by his senior team of officers led by Permanent Secretary (Acting), Ms. Cecilia Strachan; Director of Labour, Robert Farquharson; Senior Undersecretary, Mr. William Pratt and First Secretary, Mr. Ricardo Deveaux were out and about assisting job seekers.



Mr. Farquharson disclosed that the Ministry of Labour and the Department of Labour were pleased to have members of the blind community register at the job fair for the first time.


Four members of the blind community were registered at the job fair. Afterwards they were divided in groups of twos and accompanied by a labour officer who escorted them to all of the companies participating in the job fair.

Mr. Antoine Munroe who is physically blind said, “I would like to say congratulations to the Government for such a venture…and for me as a person with a disability, I think it’s a step in the right direction, noticing the fact that the government has passed legislation in the Bill called the Persons with Disabilities Equal Opportunities Act 2014 which gave us the right to so many things that we have been discriminated against.  So I think today is a special day. It makes us feel as if we are a part of what’s going on.”



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