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Florida hoping to buy Bahamian sand to help Irma stripped beaches

#Bahamas, November 10, 2017 – Nassau – Florida wants to buy sand from The Bahamas to restore its beaches, but it cannot says a report as the state grapples with severe coastal erosion.   It is explained that beaches in Florida lost hundreds of thousands of cubic yards of sand in Hurricane Irma in September, and officials in the state are hoping to purchase sand from The Bahamas to help replenish them.

However, it is illegal to purchase sand from foreign countries; a law set in motion since 1986 which said the Army Corps must first prove that there is no domestic sand available before any city or state turns to an outside nation.   The New York Times is reporting that approximately half of Florida’s 411 miles of beaches are considered “critically eroded” and that includes Miami beaches, where it is said that the sand is nearly all gone.



Photo credit: Fresh Press portal


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