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Bahamas Prime Minister Commends LJM Maritime Academy

#Bahamas, October 23, 2017 – Nassau – Primer Minister, Dr. the Hon. Hubert A. Minnis commended officials at the Lowell J. Mortimer Maritime Academy (LJMMA) for their “global vision” in hosting the Academy’s first-ever International Maritime Conference.  The Conference was held in New Providence under the theme: “Connecting Education, Ports and People.”

The Prime Minister described the conference as “fertile ground” for future mariners and seafarers and further applauded organizers for “exposing the cadets to the vast opportunities available for employment and entrepreneurship in the maritime industry.”

“This opportunity to bring together some of the key experts in the maritime and shipping sectors is commendable. I applaud your efforts,” Prime Minister Minnis said.

“The Maritime sector holds enormous potential for The Bahamas. We have not harnessed that vast potential of this sector to diversify and grow the economy of our country. I am particularly pleased that this sector is attracting a new generation of Bahamians.

“This conference is fertile ground for future mariners and seafarers.   It (brought) together young people from diverse backgrounds to explore, learn and cultivate their imaginations about an industry that will help boost economic growth in The Bahamas.”

The Prime Minister said academic institutions foster collaboration, while encouraging research and the creation of new knowledge.

“LJMMA, through this conference, is aspiring to do the same.   This includes broader international exposure which will allow cadets experience beyond the traditional classroom setting.

“With such exposure, cadets will grow to be global maritime leaders, forging relationships with industry leaders and cadets from other institutions.   As the elite academic tertiary-level institution in The Bahamas for maritime education and training, LJMMA should be among the global leaders for excellence in maritime education and training,” Prime Minister Minnis added.

Named in honour of its founder, Mr. Lowell J. Mortimer, the LJM Maritime Academy (LJMMA) aims to be the leading tertiary-level maritime training institution in the region, producing outstanding and exceptional seafarers and industry leaders.

Academy officials say the top-quality education and training programmes offered at LJMMA will enable seafarers to exceed international industry standards and be well-equipped with essential theoretical knowledge and practical skills to compete as a maritime professional globally.

“This inaugural international conference represents the global vision of its founder,” Prime Minister Minnis said.   “Lowell Mortimer is an extraordinary Bahamian who represents the best of the Bahamian spirit.   I thank him for his tremendous generosity to our country.

“He is a visionary who has donated his time, talent and treasures to the development of our country,” Prime Minister Minnis added.

 Release: BIS

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