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ALIV Staff Completes Social Media Course at Harvard University

#Bahamas, October 10, 2017 – Nassau – ALIV, The Bahamas’ newest mobile network, is committed to continued education and training of its staff and as a result sent its Social Media Manager, Norman Lightbourne to a program for advancement in digital marketing at Harvard Business School, which he successfully completed on September 20th.   The digital marketing strategy course is designed to accelerate the process of equipping advanced digital marketing leaders with a broader understanding of the latest in global standards, a wider understanding for the use of metrics, cross-platform integration, and strategic vision to drive the business objectives.

The curriculum encompasses development of skills to build an actionable digital strategy, identification of the best ways to determine return on investment, and analyzation of market research.   In addition to group assignments, there were personal case studies and professional one-on-one evaluations from faculty.

“I was excited about this opportunity because it allowed me to further enhance what we have been doing with our social media platforms throughout The Bahamas from ALIV.   ALIV is an innovative company and so the lessons learnt from this program will definitely be used moving forward.   The program also encouraged me with things I have already been doing at ALIV, an affirmation of sorts so I’m pleased,” Mr. Lightbourne, ALIV Social Media Manager, said.

“ALIV is committed to the continued advancement of its employees.   While we have sourced the best Bahamian talent, we want them to continue to grow in their field which will help to grow the company long term.   Any advancement opportunities that arise which we can have our staff participate in will always be welcomed and taken advantage of.   No doubt with continued education and training, staff will continue being the great company that it already is,” Chief ALIV Officer, Damian Blackburn, said.

Mr. Lightbourne was among 30 participants from 10 countries representing diverse business backgrounds, companies, and industries to experience the program taught by industry best, world-renowned faculty of the Harvard Business School.   This allowed for a wider discussion on international digital media practices and to learn from peers who are a part of the same profession.

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