TCIG partners up with the Red Cross

#TurksandCaicos, September 11, 2017 – Providenciales – The Turks and Caicos Islands Government informs that it has set up a partnership with the Red Cross which will help people to connect to their loved ones abroad and vice versa.   The family restoration link allows people in the TCI who need to connect to their loved ones can reach out to the Red Cross, and the Red Cross will share your information so that your family and friends know how you are doing after the storm.   Call 649-331-8056 or 649-331-3443 to access the help throughout the TCIG & Red Cross family restoration link.

The public is also informed that the 911 emergency center is fully operational and is now housed at the FLOW office.    911  is established for Emergency calls only,

Anyone in need of internet services or wifi is informed by TCIG that FLOW has an established hotspot at its Providenciales Headquarters on Leeward Highway.    You are welcomed to come by from 9am tomorrow (Monday September 11) to access this complimentary service by FLOW.   Wifi can also be used from within the parking lot.

Poorly constructed homes and other buildings destroyed in Hurricane Irma are already being rebuilt in the very same way by owners who have no approvals from the Department of Planning.    Hurricane Irma has exposed #shantytowns and shoddy construction and residents are already galvanizing for answers about how so much bad building work was allowed to happen.

The shredding of the flora in the ferocious 180mph winds of Hurricane Irma, which did not make that direct hit as had been forecast – thank God, has exposed vast shanty villages which are already being reconstructed with the same subpar methods which lack quality, aesthetic appeal and strength.

Roofs and walls slapped together, roofs without hurricane straps, walls where only plywood and sheet rock were used and cinder block construction, where it was clear the builder rationed on the cement.   Some we spoke to say, home and business owners who appear to have suffered great loss due to the shoddy work are organizing themselves to seek answers, officially.



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