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Manhunt on for Kim’s Crescent killer, Bahamas police report two other shootings

Bahamas, September 5th, 2017 – Nassau –  A manhunt is on for the killers of that man who was gunned down on Kim’s Crescent off Blue Hill Road shortly before 11pm  Sunday.  Two males pulled up to the man, who Police say was walking and shot him about the body. 
Three other shootings are also with open investigations and police are seeking help.  
At noon on Sunday it is said two men were driving in the area of Peardale Road when a Honda vehicle, with a few occupants pulled up and fired several shots into their vehicle.  One man was shot, he was taken to hospital where he is listed in stable condition.  
Another shooting in Nassau around 1am Monday morning in the Gambier Village area, when a male and female were about to enter their vehicle, a lone male, armed with a handgun shot them both.  The two were taken to hospital and are said, by Police to be in serious condition.  
In that third shooting incident, also in Nassau, around 1:30am Mondaymorning, as a man was leaving a nightclub on Minnie Street, a fight broke out and shots were fired.  That man was shot to the body and was rushed to hospital where he is stable.  
Police are asking for help to solve these crimes as investigations are ongoing.  
By Deandrea Hamilton

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