CARICOM coming, prisoners moving, evacuees soon to go home with TCIG help

​Turks and Caicos, September 12, 2017 – Providenciales- Premier’s Daily Update St Lucia has agreed to take a few of our Prisoners.

CDEMA Teams were dispatched to hardest areas today – Grand Turk and South Caicos.

Travel for them, PAHO, DFID, UNDAC was facilitated by TCIG today into Grand Turk.
Fortis got more lights up in Providenciales today. Water is also up in some areas.
Provo Boating Club did it again. Today they transported relief for TCIG into North and Middle Caicos. The residents there are getting more cell coverage around the Island. Arrangements were also made to have them take into relief items to Grand Turk.
Evacuees from Salt Cay are eager to return and check on their properties. TCIG is organising to get the Ferry Services back up and running.
Tropical will bring in the first boat of relief items into Provo tonight and then onto Grand Turk tomorrow.
Heard from Chairman of Caricom today. A Caricom Team will visit.

Passenger operations have resumed for international and domestic flights. Operations are manual for now.
Held first Press conference today. Thank you to Shaun Malcolm who streamed live and who traveled today with Team TCIG to South Caicos and Grand Turk.
Grand Turks remain understandably frustrated with lack of communication. RTC is up and running. There will be a Town Hall Meeting in GT tomorrow at 11am.
Began visiting Resorts this evening. Will speak with owners and guests. Tourists began to leave today.
Lots of help is coming from Regional and International Countries and Bodies.

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