NHIB still operating over budget, another bail out ordered

#TurksandCaicos, August 17, 2017 – Providenciales – The National Health Insurance Plan continues to be in bad shape financially and Cabinet on Wednesday agreed to go to the contingency fund to again rescue the beleaguered plan from overwhelming debt.   Health Minister, Edwin Astwood, according to the Cabinet notes, presented a paper on the financials of the #NHIP and the reaction at this high level meeting was to immediately dole out the money needed to rescue the social healthcare plan.

It was said, “ Cabinet expressed grave concern about the parlous state of the NHIB’s finances and the lack of effective management by the NHIB. Cabinet called for urgent steps to remedy the situation and agreed on immediate measures to be taken.”    In November 2016, the country learned that the NHIB was indebt some $2M, ten months later the report is the same though no figures on how much it would take this time around was divulged in that Cabinet report.

If the Governor had not approved the additional funding which is to come from the country’s contingency fund, then NHIB would have been in default with local and overseas providers.

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