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Bahamas Transport Minister asks for extra caution after tourists killed in Grand Bahama accident

Bahamas, August 9, 2017 – Nassau – The Transport Minister is asking residents to watch out for tourists road users as the country grieves with a visiting family the loss of three relatives after a serious traffic accident in Grand Bahama on August Monday holiday.

Minister_Frankie_Campbell_Oil_Spill_Conference_Opening_May_21__2017____87764_1 (1)Minister Frankie Campbell said, “… pay particular attention to persons who are not normal road users, and who may lack familiarity with the rules of our roads.   I also call on all transportation providers engaged in the business of transporting or leasing vehicles, or motor cycles to visitors and locals alike, to ensure that all efforts are expended to protect the lives of persons entrusted to their care.    This note of caution is sent in a special way to all rental car, scooter rental, taxi, tour, and jitney bus operators, and to persons engaged in transporting persons in horse and carriages.    Please take the time to ensure that your customers understand clearly what is expected of them on our roads.”

Three of five people in that collision died, among them a 76 year old woman at the scene.    The accident happened near Chesapeake Estates around 1pm Monday; two relatives died at hospital.    The driver in the GMC Sierra truck was only with minor injuries.    The Nissan Tiida rental vehicle was severely smashed up.





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