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Flow Is The #1 Network in Six Markets Tested – P3 Benchmark Results Prove

MIAMI, FL, May 23, 2017 – The Results are in and the good news for Flow customers is confirmation that they are enjoying the best quality network and service levels in the region as measured against the competitor in at least six markets tested so far, by independent benchmark testing agency, P3. Flow customers in Antigua, Cayman, Jamaica, Montserrat, St. Lucia and Turks and Caicos experience fastest downloads, “Best call set up time,” unmatched video experience, significantly better upload speeds and quality, plus superior browsing more than 90% of the time when compared to the other network.

“Our results are verifiable and unequivocal,” so said Hakan Ekmen, Managing Director of P3 Communications, the company that conducted the independent benchmark. “P3 has a global network quality testing framework that is used around the world in 65 countries. We are experts in our field and leaders in this field globally for a number of years.”


“This is fantastic, we are delighted to have received such a resounding endorsement that Flow is indeed the #1 network in the Caribbean, and the best part about it is, we didn’t say it – the experts did. What an endorsement!” said Garry Sinclair, Caribbean President at C&W Communications, operators of Flow.

Sinclair went on to say he was even more pleased because “our customers can rest assured – when they log on to the Flow Sports App to watch its exciting content on their favourite handheld device anywhere in any of these six islands, they are getting the best customer experience money can buy. And if they are downloading a movie or simply browsing the Internet they can get no better service than from Flow. The results speak for themselves and we are proud to include them here.”

Results Summary:

Voice and data performance outranked competitor as follows:

Quality of Network in: Flow Competitor Flow is better than the competitor by more than
Antigua 521 221 ~2.5x
Cayman 794 471 ~2x
Jamaica 527 342 ~2x
Montserrat 612 211 ~3x
St Lucia 684 241 ~3x
Turks & Caicos 645 263 ~2.5X



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