Residents and guests to adhere to signs says Campbell

2017-03-04-PHOTO-00000003Bahamas, March 4, 2017 – Exuma – Signs are up now for residents and guests flocking to the famous swimming pigs of Exuma to know how to treat them once they journey out.  No feeding on the sand and no boozing up the pigs.

Island Administrator, Neil Campbell shared photos of the signs with instructions on what to do and what not to do with the pigs to ensure they remain healthy.  There are now also bins provided to those who want to leave food for the animals, so that they are not also digesting sand material as they eat.

2017-03-04-PHOTO-00000002The autopsy revealed that sand material was a factor in the death of over a dozen of the famous pigs.  Giving the animals liquor is also prohibited.   Guests loved sharing a beer with the animals, but hopefully with such serious ramifications exposed – everyone will be better behaved in order to protect the pigs.


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