Wineries & Rum Master Blender in TCI for Festival

Providenciales, TCI, November 2, 2016 – Meet the Wine Makers is on tonight at the Wine Cellar as the 8th Caribbean Food and Wine Festival begins tonight and stretches right into Saturday.

Tony Garland is co-founder of what is become an annual tourism season opening staple in these islands, he talks about the wineries and the world’s first female master blender who actually hails from the Caribbean island of Jamaica.

Tony Garland, The Wine Cellar:  “As far as winemakers, we have with us another established and renowned female winemaker, in the person of Robin Lil.  Robin is founder and owner of Lil Vineyards, and she is a co-founder of Dominus, which is a well-established napa winery and producer.   Robin produces very high end singled vineyard boutique wines, and it’s really a privilege to have her at this busy time in her schedule to be with us. 

“In addition, we have fourth generation wine maker in the person of Eric Wente, Eric represents his family vineyards, which are Wente Vineyards and we’ve been privileged to have work with the Wente Vineyards portfolio for about the last ten or fifteen years, and it’s really really great to finally get one of the family members here. 

“Mr. Ken Fredrickson, Ken is a master Sommelier and founder of Brewer-Clifton Wines, which is again another boutique winery from the Santa Maria Hills area.

“Lastly we have Joyce Spence who many of you may or may not know, anybody who is a rum aficionado will know that Joy is the first female master blender in the world hailing from Jamaica.  She will be here with us representing the portfolio of Appleton Rums.”

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