Annual Race for the Conch eco swim

Providenciales, TCI, June 16, 2016 – A little known set of facts about one of the goals for the Race for the Conch is making an impact according to organizers of the eco sea swim set for the first weekend in July.   The annual event is geared to promoting the importance of learning how to swim but also to promote the use of products not hazardous to the ocean’s environment or to marine life.

race-for-the-conch-3The Race for Conch organizers say that this race has also helped to educate spectators on the use of biodegradable straws, non-plastic garbage bags, and a reef-safe sunscreen.  Race for the Conch Eco Sea Swim event will draw 200 swimmers to Providenciales on July 2nd for three races – a 2.4 mile, a 1 mile and a children’s 100m sea swim.

Support by local companies is described as outstanding as bio-degradable water bottles and zero plastic bags have all come from the event started in 2009.  Co-founder and director, Ben Stubenberg said, “In addition to showcasing world class swim conditions in Grace Bay, overseas swim visitors tell us time and again how friendly everyone here is to them, a huge compliment of local character we can all be proud of.”  Race for the Conch is held at the picturesque Ricky’s Flamingo Café in Grace Bay.



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