Millennium Heights homeowners should sue says former Chief Minister Mike Misick

Providenciales, TCI, August 9, 2016 – The former premier, Michael Misick said the homeowners in Millennium Heights need to file a class action law suit.  Misick attended a recent meeting by the residents and told Magnetic Media that he is outraged at what he is learning of construction, adding that he was not around when phase II started.

Misick is however the government leader who saw Priton Development given land concessions to build, quality affordable homes. During House of Assembly, it was revealed that there are two reports on the terrain in the area – one done by Planning, another done by a Puerto Rican company – both are to be made public.

During a recent presentation of PDM Candidates for South Caicos and Provo, Wheeland Member of Parliament, Delroy Williams expressed what he thinks of the recent site tour of the damages by Premier Rufus Ewing and the expectation to bring a motion in the House of Assembly.

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