PNP Members vote for Wheeland Candidate tonight

The PNP Headquarters will be alive with activity tonightafter nearly four years of dormancy brought on when the party’s home base was stripped from them by the former Attorney General.
Tonight PNPs from the Wheeland District will decide if they want Elry Lightbourne or Dameko Dean as their candidate in the next General Election to take on the PDM’s Delroy Williams and the PDAs unnamed candidate who is said to be a civil servant.
We caught up with Dean today in his hometown of Blue Hills and asked him about the leg work and his feelings going into the two hours of voting.
“It’s been great, the response has been great.  People are looking for a change.  People are beginning to see a change in me.  My message has been the type of message where the type of representation that I want to bring is the type of representation hat you can see and feel, you can see things happening in the community, you can see roads you can see infrastructures and then feel.  I want to have you become a part of it, you feel engaged and my message is that I am gonna have quarterly meetings with the electorate because at the end of the day, it’s all about the electorate, it’s all about the voters. So that has been my message over the last few months; the type of representation that you can see and feel.”
Elry Lightbourne was also in his hometown of Blue Hills and he too is pumped about the run off.
“It’s exciting, you learn so much about what people are going through, what their issues are.  It’s a learning experience and you take notes,  if you take notes, you can use it to your advantage, it’s awesome.  I feel like I have it, that’s just the confidence in me, half of the time you don’t know what other people are looking for, but if you are confident in yourself in expressing how you feel, then that doesn’t bother you, because you got you message across and they understand you.  As long as you are clear, then what more can you ask for.”
The winning candidate not only has to win, but has to secure two thirds of the vote.  Magnetic Media is told the results will also come tonight after polls close at8pm.

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