PDA Leader comments on Brexit

In the aftermath of the UK’s imminent exit from the European Union, comes scathing remarks for the current government and UK administration within the islands. 
Former Chief Minister and PDA Leader, Oswald Skippings said the people of Britain have charted a new course with serious implications to the world, and the TCI seems to be directionless. 
“Because of a Draconian Colonial constitution and an impotent political directorate, we are being left drifting, merely going along with the flow and now more than ever, we need gifted, bold and visionary political leadership with proactive, creative and innovative ideas.” 
Skippings in the statement says he believes his PDA can offer this kind of leadership to the electorate as he also blamed locally elected officials, the Governor and UK advisors in the TCI of, and again I quote, “…opening up our doors for mass immigration to the extent of widening the franchise, leaving our borders unprotected facilitating the escalation of mass and dangerous crime, taking away from us the control of our money, and giving our jobs to foreign work permit holders thereby impoverishing and disempowering our people.” 
Skippings called the Brexit result a bold move for the British to determine their own destiny.

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