Over 600 Years of Service recognized by Governor at Queen’s Birthday Honours

Twenty six long service medals were awarded this pastSaturday to uniformed officers by the Governor, His Excellency Peter Beckingham in celebration of the Queen’s Birthday. 
The service held on Saturday and not the holidayMonday, as was previously reported honored officers from five branches.  Two from Her Majesty’s Prison: Senior Prison Officer, William Dickenson for 21 years and Wendy Williams for 19 years.  Carlton Jennings for 32 years, he is the Chief Fire Officer; Deputy Chief Joseph Williams received prize for 32 years, Ronnie Simmons for 28 years and Kenneth Williams earned for 27 years of service to the Domestic Fire Department. 
When it comes to the Police, there were 11 awardees including Clifford Harvey for 30 years, Andy Harry for 25 years and for 26 years, Sergeant Kingsley Laborde, Inspector Willet Harvey, Sergeant Kirton Sutton and Inspector Randy Ellis; while Felix Browne, Kenneth Parker and Jacqueline Morris each served 25 years on the Force; Inspector Willin Billiard got for his 18 years with the Police. 
Immigrations officers Larry Mills, for 30 years; Brenda Williams for 30 years; Sandra Hall for 20 years; and giving 18 years to Immigration were Kirk Forbes, Andrea Saunders, Teresa Samuels and Alva Kay  Lawrence.  
There were two awardees from Customs, Denise Robinson with 25 years and Tamey Handfield having served 18 years. 
Amazingly, it is a cumulative 638 years of service to country.

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