Opposition says make Jitneys legit

PDM Leader Sharlene Robinson in speaking to media about tourism, the sudden resignation of the Director of Public Prosecutions and the illegal jitney situation and tourism notice said a PDM government would simply create a class so that the jitney system can function, but regulated.
“Introduce the class, all you have to do is amend the legislation, introduce a class that will cover, regulate and make sure that the vehicles are of course licensed and insured, and you get revenue from it.  
This is hidden revenue, but right in your face, so it is a simple amendment to the legislation, you’re not asking for a complete route to be done, because that is something that has to come as well with bus services, but right now you have cars that cab be up to standard.”
Hon Robinson also thought the Ministry of Tourism’s message ofThursday was in poor taste.
“What about those ladies that would have fall prey to something untoward, and that are still having to use it.  You know I think that it is really sad that the government would have allowed something like that to have come from any official desk under this government.”

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