No one is above coming Health Law, says Opposition side

PDM shadow cabinet minister for Health & Human Services asked the question today… whether government will have the fortitude needed to investigate Interhealth Canada where necessary and if they are found guilty of malpractice, whether the facilities which are owned by the TCI and managed by IHC be subject to penalties outlined in a new bill. 
The issue surfaced during debate on the Health Regulation Bill, presented by the Minister of Health, Premier Rufus Ewing. 
Hon Dr. Rufus Ewing highlighted that TCI would be among the only countries in the region with such a progressive law; it would require medical facilities to mandatorily have malpractice insurance. 
Hon Edwin Astwood called the laws wonderful and thanked the architects of the proposed legislation; but he stood weary of whether they would be activated to protect the public interest when it comes to complaints of medical malpractice, against IHC hospitals which he cited as the only medical care facility in the country which attracts condemning complaints.
Hon Astwood reminded that IHC is not above the law.

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