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Judge rules NO EVIDENCE in Alboin Williams alleged shooters case

The three men arrested and jailed in the brutal and bold daytime shooting of former police officer, Alboin Williams were on Friday released and Magnetic Media is told that it was due to a lack of evidence against them in the shocking case.
Chief Justice Margaret Ramsay Hale ruled that there was absolutely no evidence against Reginald Presil, Wilbert Almonor and Fritzner Prevalus who were on April 27, 2016 charged with conspiracy to commit armed robbery.
The public was outraged that the charge for the suspects was not more serious, like attempted murder.  Williams, Tag Security Services owner/security guard who was on a money pick up for Sunny Foods grocery store in Five Cays,  was shot as many as nine times outside the store on Sunday April 10, 2016.
The three have not been released into the community though, they were handed over to the Immigration Department in Grand Turk, who will today send the men to Provo where the local immigration team will put the trio on a flight bound for the trio’s country of origin; Haiti.
Police were looking for additional suspects in the case; but now the entire investigation has fallen apart and has to go back to square one more than two months after the violent crime.

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