Mystery Poll raises concerns

Extreme concern mounted overnight as political parties learned of a poll being taken to determine how people feel about them, how the voting public feels about potential candidates and it is being done on mobile devices. 
The People’s Democratic Movement National Chairman, Doug Parnell issued a media statement accusing the PNP of using government workers to conduct the survey.  Parnell said:  “It has been drawn to our attention that the Turks and Caicos Islands Government is conducting a poll on the island of North Caicos under the guise of a cost of living survey but this cover is misleading and deceptive as it is nothing more than a plot by the PNP political arm to gain insight into the views of the voting public ahead of a general election.” 
Magnetic Media was provided images of the digital poll and it gives instructions on how the poll should be taken and asks ‘what party would you vote for, with PDA listed first, the PDM listed next and the PNP listed third… there is a fourth option in the question, for ‘undecided’.    
Next there is an opportunity to the person taking the poll to rate each current serving member and potential candidate… from very favorable to never heard of the person, with six options in all that the poll taker must select themselves, according to images we have. 
Then there are the ‘stars’ you can award to each Party; this appears to be ‘the die-hard supporter test’.  The more stars, the more you are for the party… five stars for one of the three options means you are unshakably, unmistakably pro that political machine.  
We contacted the National Chairman of the PNP, Royal Robinson who last night said he too got wind of the poll yesterday and contacted his Party leader, Hon Rufus Ewing.  I quote Robinson now, “I heard about it and made some calls, the Premier is unaware and it is not something being generated by government.  It is something private, government has nothing to do with it.”  
Still Parnell is cautioning the general public to beware.  “We call on the responsible heads of departments to ensure that civil servants are not instructed to perform duties along political party and partisan lines.”
Magnetic media last night sent queries to the head of the Statistics Department, Shirlen Forbes, there was no reply up to news production time.

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