Governor hosts Tea Party for Queen’s Birthday

It was afternoo tea at Waterloo in Grand Turk for two islanders who are the exact same age as Queen Elizabeth II; the Queen celebrated her 90th birthday on April 21st.  His Excellency and wife Jill hosted James Fulford to a tea party where he apparently wowed the pair at their residence. 
“I asked Mr Fulford the trick to living such a long and healthy life: the answer, he said, was to thank God every morning you are alive, try not to worry, and enjoy a game of dominoes and on occasional glass of beer or rum!” 
Those were remarks from the Governor in a media release who adds that it is a privilege to have ‘such a worthy and lively citizen and his wife and family still with us on Grand Turk.  His energy for a 90 year old is truly astonishing.” 
James Fulford served in World War II and reflected on the visit of the Queen to the TCI some 50 years ago. 
Lillian Swann, also 90 years old was unable to make the tea party, but it sounds as if HE Peter Beckingham is ready to have her at Waterloo whenever she can come.

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