Astwood says Salt Cay needs more than a ‘ladder’

When the National Budget Communication was debated in the Hosue of Assembly last month, there was attention drawn to so called challenges and concerns for Grand Turk and Salt Cay by Hon Edwin Astwood of the Opposition.

Astwood spoke to crime, unemployment, the marine and natural environment including the sunken ship off Governor’s Beach and the incessant litter along GT roadways.

There was also focus on Salt Cay and a dock and even an old rickety ladder got some shine: “…after 4 years I am still waiting for works on the Salt Cay roll-on/roll-off dock to commence. Is this project even still in the budget book Mr. Speaker? Also Mr. Speaker, on Thursday of last week the Minister of Finance in his speech mentioned funds being available for the replacement of the old ladder at the dock with a proper aluminum weather resistant ladder…”

Astwood thought this mention was a slap in the face in the midst of a mountain of real issues facing Salt Cay residents. He said, “Mr. Speaker is the best this PNP Government can do for the People of Salt Cay is a ladder.”

Astwood’s summation there was for the voters to elect the PDM as government in 2016/2017.

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