Bahamas Marks 42 Years Independent, Turks and Caicos gets mention

IMG_5185Providenciales, 09 Jul 2015 – In one of the banner events for the Bahamas 42nd anniversary of independence held in Rawson Square last night and featuring PM Rt. Hon Perry Christie; the Turks and Caicos Islands was mentioned as 42 cultural icons were memorialized with their portraits unveiled in Parliament Square.

From singers and songwriters… to thespians and artists, it was a magnificent event where young Bahamian artist Jamal Rolle was privileged to sketch the 42 honorees; their likenesses now on display along Bay street.

The honorees included The Royal Bahamas Police Force Band, Pat Rahming, Nehemiah Heild, T’Rez Davis-Nixon or Dynamite Daisy and Patrice Johnson; Greg Lampkin, Alton Lowe, the Region Bells Geno D and Smokey 007; Phil Stubbs, Funky D, Veronica Bishop and the original singer of ‘Got a Letter from Miami’, Priscilla Rollins; receiving posthumous prizes were: T’Rez Hepburn, Cyril Ferguson, better known as Dry Bread; Vivica Watkins, Bahamian actress and Johnny Kemp, US Billboard chart topper hailing from Nassau & Freeport.

And there were dozens more, as said, 42 in all… those with well-known Turks and Caicos links including the late champion of ‘bush’ music, Frank Penn; prolific song writer and vivacious performer KB and gospel music icons, The Cooling Waters where it was specifically noted that they have spent decades representing both the Bahamas and Turks and Caicos Islands.

These artists in the various genres will remain on display in down town Nassau for the remainder of the month.

Bahamians celebrate independence tomorrow, July 10th… in the TCI there will be cultural display at the down town ball park and on island for the show, which starts at 9pm – KB.

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