Cinderellas will dance with their Fathers again; Nutrition in Demand hosts

Providenciales, 04 Jun 2015 – Daughters dancing with their daddies will be a pre-father’s day highlight as for the second year; Nutrition in Demand hosts the evening. We spoke to brainchild of the endearing event, Tamika Handfield.

“The event is basically to celebrate the awesome fathers we have here in TCI and who do an amazing job on a daily basis so this is just one small thing we can do to give back to the fathers.”

There will be dinner and prizes with the dancing, and Handfield, Nutritionist with Nutrition in Demand explained that the evening fosters a stronger bond and lasting memories. The funds raised are for the upcoming camp.

“Yes, our summer camp is coming up in July; our Nutrition and Physical Activities Summer Camp and so all the funds raised from this event goes toward that; we have a specialist coming in and so we are excited about that.”

Dance with Cinderella is set for June 13 at 6:30pm at Brayton Hall; tickets are at Unicorn Bookstore and Accu Diagnostics.

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