Easter Traditions: Church services, fried fish & hot crossed buns and kite flying

kite flyingProvidenciales, 02 April 2015 – It is a public holiday tomorrow and Monday in the Turks and Caicos: Good Friday and Easter Monday. Good Friday is commemorated by Christians worldwide as the day Jesus Christ was crucified to take away the sins of the world. Church services will be held around the country, with traditional eating being fish and hot crossed buns only. Sunday marks remembrance of resurrection day for Believers in the faith; usually accompanied by a special full moon. In the TCI, the Bight Park presents the venue for the annual kite flying competition where families enter and are rewarded for creativity in their original and unique kite designs. The kite competition is also held in North Caicos, South Caicos and Grand Turk. By Tuesday, the Edward Gartland Youth Center will begin a slew of activities tailored to the fancies of teenagers! See our Facebook page for the full list; all activities at the Youth Center are FREE.

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