Ongoing Effort to be Ebola Ready

Providenciales- -If Ebola were to hit The Turks and Caicos, 75% of the staff in Provo have been trained and medical officials feel they are ready for the challenge… overall, 50% of medical practitioners have been adequately prepared and still there is an ongoing effort to be EVD ready.

This health scare is scary and demanding… last Thursday media was allowed to see what happened at a workshop… one trainee talked about that Ebola proof suit, where the heat of the TCI is playing a role in temperature discomfort. QUOTE. The group being trained admits this is no easy task, and it is more than physical, preparations are also mental. QUOTE. In countries like the US, it has been dictated now that putting on and taking off of the suit must be observed by a secondary person to ensure there are no errors.

These practitioners are on the front line; currently there is temperature and other screening at the airport. The TCIAA has assured, if there were need for quarantine at the airport, there are rooms suited to do the job. TCIG is prepared to spend nearly half a million dollars to be Ebola, Dengue and ChikV ready.

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