Patrick Poulin Charged

There is one sentencing so far in the case where former TCI-based attorney, Patrick Poulin, was charged for using an offshore account to allegedly launder and conceal money. Joshua Vandyk, an alleged accomplice, got 30 months in prison for his role in the alleged scheme… Vandyk is American; Poulin is Canadian and was in March charged and arrested in Miami. US undercover agents from the IRS were used to nab this trio. According to court documents, Poulin established an offshore corporation called Zero Exposure Inc. for the undercover agents and served as a nominal board member in lieu of the clients. Poulin transferred approximately $200,000 that the defendants believed to be the proceeds of bank fraud from the offshore corporation to the Cayman Islands, where Vandyk and Eric St-Cyr, alleged co-conspirator invested those funds outside of the United States in the name of the offshore corporation. Patrick Poulin, who has entered a guilty plea is expected to be sentenced on October 3rd.

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