Integrity Commission issues expenditure report on PNP, PDM & PPP.

The Integrity Commission has issued a report on the expenditure of the three local political parties’ during the 2012 election campaign and from the numbers the Progressive National Party had spent a sizeable figure, but only when compared to the other two parties.

According to the report, the PNP’s overall expenditure for the 2012 election campaign stood at more than $332,000, while the People’s Democratic Movement Party’s spending ran to an approximate 139,000 and the People Progressive Party’s spending stood at a little over $110,000.

With these figures the PNP’s expenditure has tripled that of the PPP’s and doubled that of the PDM’s.

On the flip side the PNP’s expenditure would seem quite reasonable considering the $600,000 limit that each party could have spent on their 2012 election campaigns.

The report coming from the commission also revealed that the PNP outspent the other two parties in all areas with the bulk of their funds spent on Advertising and Publicity and likewise the PPP pumped most of their funds in the same. However, the PDM’s biggest expenditure was on rallies.

Approximately $38,000 in total was incurred by both the PDM and the PNP in the March 2013 bi-election where the official opposition PDM spent around $14,000 and the PNP an approximate $24,000 to go on and win the government.

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