Deputy Governor Anya Williams announces new hours for Civil Servants

Nothing heated happening with the Deputy Governor Anya Williams at that meeting in Grand Turk held Monday with the civil service… but new hours for the sector will mean starting the work day 30 minutes later at 8:30am, ending it at 4:30pm and lesser lunchtime… now with one hour for lunch instead of 90 minutes.

We understand that there were no complaints to the DG who heads up the public sector.

It was on Monday morning that the PDM Official Opposition party said Civil Servants are very unhappy… telling the People’s Democratic Movement about not having basic office necessities and supplies; having to bring toilet paper in some cases from home to work, according to the party’s leader.

Our source said the meeting in the capital was uneventful… there was one in Provo at the downtown gym … no word yet on if there were any complaints lodged there.

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