Moms will smile with LIME’s landline bolt on plan

limeLIME and other businesses welcome Back to School! Children and young people are now at school and parents want to ensure that everything is well with their loved ones when being away.

Many Moms and Dads will smile when they hear about LIME’s landline bolt on offer. The offer gives 120 minutes calling to any LIME mobile or landline number for only $10 for the month. Imagine that parents can talk for 12 cents a minute to have that peace of mind to know that their children are safe away from home. LIME gives that opportunity with this landline bolt on plan. Customers would need to visit the LIME office to activate the plan but once signed up, a customer will enjoy 120 minutes for only $10 every month.

Rachel Harvey, LIME’s Marketing Manager, “Being a parent, the safety of one’s children is a paramount priority and being able to talk with them when they are not in one’s presence is equally important. LIME understands this.” She continued, “This plan will give peace of mind to parents who would be able to talk to their children and not have to worry about a big bill at month end.”

The plan is available at LIME stores and customers can also watch out for the LIME “Mom Mobile” who will come to you and you can sign up to this great offer where you are. LIME will bring the offer to various locations throughout the country
Week on week, LIME is bringing unbeatable value to customers throughout the nation and customers can expect more great value offers in the coming months.

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