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Cubans march for Israel and Palestine 



Rashaed Esson

Staff Writer 

#Cuba, November 24, 2023 – Cuba made big moves, calling for the end of the war between Israel and Hamas.

Wearing Palestinian colors, Cuban president Miguel Díaz Canel,led thousands on a march along Havana’s boardwalk on Thursday November 23, 2023, expressing that they stand with Palestinians and that they, like most if not everyone in the world, want to see an end to the conflict.

It comes as the two countries have managed to reach agreement on a pause, for four days, to the conflict which has left thousands – including children – dead.

The president was accompanied by Cuba’s Prime Minister Manuel Marrero and Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez alongside scores of people, young Palestinians and Cubans.

Canel made a Facebook post about the event and he said, “Today we accompany the march of young Palestinians and Cubans in Havana. Our hearts and also our actions are and will always be with #Palestine. Stop once and for all the genocide committed by Israel, with the open support of the United States.” He then added “Free Palestine,” a call to swift action to put an end to the war.

According to reports, Yanquiel Cardoso, physical culture specialist who marched said, “Today we are supporting the Palestinian people, supporting all those people who feel the pain of having lost a family member, a loved one due to this massacre,” said Yanquiel Cardoso, a physical culture specialist who participated.

“We are asking for a ceasefire … and for Palestine to be free,” they maintained.

Additionally,  a fellow Palestinian at the march expressed how she feels about it. She said, “This march means a lot to us,” said Sami Sabala, a 26-year-old Palestinian medical student in Havana.

“It raises feelings … And it makes people feel that Palestine is not alone.”

The protest went for 1.2 miles and it marks the second time since the war broke out on October 7th, that Cuba has made moves to show its support and hopefully influence the decision of those responsible in Israel and Hamas.


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