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Health Protocols for All Electors The following protocols are to be observed by ALL electors:

#TurksandCaicos, February 6, 2021

1. To the extent feasible, maintain at least six (6) feet separation from other individuals at the polling location. Additionally, other measures, such as hand hygiene, cough etiquette, cleanliness, and sanitization must be rigorously practiced.

2. Before going to a polling station, self-screen for any of the signs or symptoms of possible COVID-19, listed above.

3. Persons who exhibit any of the above-mentioned symptoms associated with COVID-19 should contact the Health Hotlines for health advice on (649) 3330911 or (649) 232944 and are advised to remain in quarantine.

4. Individual lead pencils will be provided for voters to mark their ballots. The pencils can be taken away or discarded after use.

5. Upon entering a polling place, electors must wash or disinfect both hands. Also, they must wash or disinfect both hands after any interaction with poll workers, polling agents, or other individuals at the polling place, and after marking their ballots.

6. Hand sanitizer will be provided; however, electors should bring their own into the polling location and should use it to disinfect their hands after leaving the polling location.

7. The wearing of a mask/face covering in public is mandatory so ALL electors MUST wear a mask/face covering (over both the nose and mouth) when entering the polling place, or when within six feet of another person at the Polling Station. If available, individuals should consider wearing non-medical grade face masks.

8. If a Returning Officer or Presiding Officer is not able to determine the identity of an elector who is wearing a mask/face covering, the elector should be prepared to lower or remove his/her face covering when checking in to obtain ballot papers. After the elector’s identity has been 4 confirmed, the elector MUST wear his/her mask/face covering throughout the rest of the voting process.

9. If an elector contracts COVID-19 (or other sickness or physical condition that prevents the elector from appearing at the polling place on polling day, without the likelihood of needing personal assistance) the elector should contact the Returning Officer prior to Election Day, for more details about voting procedures.

10. Poll workers who are assisting COVID-19 positive electors should be provided with personal protective equipment (PPE), including respiratory protection, face shields, gowns, and gloves, and should be trained in the appropriate use of this equipment. This training would be carried out in collaboration with the Ministry of Health

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