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COVID hits Eight Gov’t offices; Public Service back to Work-from-home and Bubbles

#TurksandCaicosIslands – January 25, 2021 – Government is taking precautions after Covid-19 positives turned up in staff from as many as eight departments in the Public Sector; forcing quarantines and limiting staff.  It will mean a return to work from home and staff bubbles as shifts will be assigned and in-person service to the general public is reduced as of today.

While a notice to staff on Saturday informed of the reinstatement of the ‘Public Service Covid-19 Shift System’, a TCI Sun Newspaper report quotes Anya Williams, the Deputy Governor on government areas impacted by the escalation in new cases of the virus in three islands of the TCI.

The Ministry of Border Control; the Ministry of Tourism and the Tourist Board; the Employment Services Department; the Revenue Control Unit; the Maritime Department; Police and Prison and the Deputy Governor’s Office are named in the story.

Many staff are reportedly home recovering or in quarantine.

The recent Ministry of Health situational report on Covid-19 revealed there are 829 people in quarantine or observation as a result of nearly 450 new coronavirus patients recorded in the past month.

Visitors allowed into government offices will be limited and the Deputy Governor, as head of the Public Service is asking members of the public to utilize online payments and other services offered by various departments.

In the notice, staff members were encouraged to take the vaccine in order to protect themselves and their families; government physicians were recommended for medical consultation.

It seemed the shift system was for the entire public sector, though only eight offices were listed as directly affected by the surge in infections.

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