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TCI: 13 areas of Grand Turk listed as soon to be outfitted with CCTV

#Providenciales, August 16, 2019 – Turks and Caicos – Thirteen areas of Grand Turk will be bolstered in security and hopefully safety with the installation of 40 CCTV cameras which will be installed soon, according to the Police and the Premier in a joint media statement issued yesterday.

The areas named in that statement were:  Waterloo, South Base, Palm Grove, South Back Salina, North Back Salina, Front Street, Frederick Street, Cork Tree, Hospital Road, Crab Tree, Lighthouse Road, Nookie Hill and Breezy Brae.

Grand Turk has been plagued with petty, nuisance and serious crime including arson, vandalism, melees and shootings which have led to death.  The Closed-Circuit TV, (CCTV) cameras are phase two of a multi-million dollar investment and the system will project real-time, high quality images. 

The CCTV system is meant to enhance the surveillance capability of the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police, but it will do more.

Commissioner of Police Mr. Trevor Botting said, “The installation of CCTV cameras in as many areas as possible on Grand Turk will allow us to monitor criminal activities there, as we do on the island of Providenciales.  CCTV has reduced the time and increased the success rate of finding stolen or stashed vehicles.  Even when we are dealing with something which isn’t a crime, something like a crash, we’ve got cameras straight on that.  We can make a better assessment of what resources are needed.”

There is a partnership of law enforcers which will benefit from this visual information, explained Premier and Finance Minister Sharlene Robinson.

“To date we have invested approximately $2.4m and we are happy to provide this support in this way. Phase 2 of this innovative project, will see a collaborative effort with the RTCIPF and the Road Safety Department to see the Automatic Number Plate Recognition systems installed and to later introduce front and rear license plates to the motoring public,” said Premier Robinson.

Digicel is awarded the contract to install and maintain the CCTV cameras in both Providenciales and Grand Turk.

While there was the grand announcement that the service is on the way, it remains unstated specifically when the CCTV cameras will go live in the Capital of the Turks and Caicos Islands. 



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