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#Providenciales, March 19, 2019 – Turks and Caicos –

World Social Work Day 

19 March 2019

Theme: Elevate 

What motivates you to get something done? 

What goals and aspirations do you have for your life?

What jumps have you taken in the last few years, forgetting about or leaving behind your fears and self- doubt? 

What is preventing you from living your best life ever? 

Consider your lifes experiences.

Your growth trajectory.

Your relationships.

Your health and fitness.

Your spiritual life.

Your service to others.

Consider your creative side and whether you have expanded upon it. 

Have you become comfortable and complacent with where you are?  Do you aspire for greatness daily? 

Well, on this World Social Work Day – 19 March we want to encourage you to “elevate”. 

We all should have Big Dreams for ourselves and our families. I believe at times we limit ourselves and put boundaries on what we are capable of doing based on our current situation. It is time to change your mindset and elevate. 

Take a leap. Stop procrastinating. Push yourself a little further. Expand your knowledge, skills, abilities and talents. Improve your health.  Apply for that new position or start your degree. Travel and explore the world. Take strategic steps to boost your productivity. Stay sharp by reading and applying what you learned. Do not be afraid of what lies ahead, the unknown. 

I’ve learned, “To always go with the choice that scares me the most because that’s the one that is going to help me grow” a quote by Caroline Myss. 

It is said that it is better to have tried and failed than to not have tried at all. 

Many professional Social Workers, who are now licensed clinicians, purposed in their hearts not to remain on one level as though they have arrived but challenged themselves a little further each time. 

You deserve the best. 

Here are few tips on promoting elevation in your life:

1. Journaling helps you gain clarity on your thoughts, dreams and goals 

2. Surround yourself with positive people who share similar values and principles 

3. Get yourself a good mentor or coach.   Mentors and coaches help bring out the best in you. They challenge you to do better and more

4. Set big goals by developing an implementation plan. Track you progress and tick them off your list as they are accomplished 

5. Keep your mind fresh by reading as often as you can.  Yes, pick up that newspaper and see what’s going on around you. 

Press Release: TCIG

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