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BARBADOS: A 1500 Public Sector Job Cut Causes Union Protests

#Bridgetown, October 20, 2018 – Barbados – Trade Unions are protesting a public sector job cut of 1500 people right now in Bridgetown, Barbados we are told.  Serious allegations are also emerging about the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) and alleged sculduggery which gave the now governing party sure election victory through so called sabotage.

Protests have been on since yesterday outside Parliament.  It was expected the demonstrations would come with the announcement by the Mia Mottley administration.  The Barbados government is grappling with bringing healing to a desperately ailing economy.  Many choices the government says it has to make are unpopular.

It is said security is heightened now in Bridgetown.

Barbados earlier this month secured a $290m Extended Fund Facility or bail out loan from the IMF.






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