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TCI: What 12 Point Crime Plan??

#Providenciales, September 6, 2018 – Turks and Caicos – The 23rd August 2018 marked the third homicide for the month of August 2018 and the 5th overall for the year.  While in some jurisdictions like the Bahamas these numbers would be something to celebrate, here in the Turks and Caicos Islands they are an alarming rate especially given that the victims and likely perpetrators are our young men.  That’s not even to include those that have been shot and survived.  This begs the question, what happened to the 12 Point Crime Plan offered by the than Opposition PDM?

The preamble of the plan states “The truth is today’s criminals are younger, colder, braver or more desperate and are altogether of a different kind.  We as a country can no longer fight the crime and criminal of yesteryear.  This country has continued to take a weak stance and lukewarm response to crime.  This country needs a strong Government that will take this issue head on with plans and resources.”

Where is the strong response to crime??  Where is the strong Government that vowed to take this issue head on with plans and resources?  On August 3rd 2017, our Premier via a statement on crime attributed the than increase in violent crimes and robberies crime within the Turks and Caicos Islands to a few ‘misguided youths.  Were it not for the two Hurricanes faced last September I fear given the track record of response thus far, things would have continued to escalate.

We are back at this cross road again and the CCTV’s currently being installed in the Grace Bay area cannot solve these incidents as they are taking place in Five Cays, Kew Town and the Down Town areas i.e. where the majority of locals reside.  This is no time for more talk and deferring to the Governor. It is time for action, so act!!

Stay Blessed and Protected TCI,

Jamell Robinson


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