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TCI: UB official visit to TCI

#TurksandCaicos, April 13, 2018 – Providenciales – When the University of The Bahamas descended on Turks and Caicos shores it was with a multi-pronged mission in mind, aimed at linking the islands more closely and presenting a tertiary level education package that would see an old standard reestablished.

The team from UB formerly COB arrived on an official visit to interview and photograph the country’s premier, Sharlene Robinson who graduated from the College of The Bahamas before moving on with her studies in law at the University of the West Indies.  The spread featuring the Premier, as a part of the alumni, will headline UBs magazine this summer… we had a chat with the entourage.

“It’s not everyday that an institution gets to claim the head of a government apparatus an alumnus of their institution.  And I think that speaks to the breadth of opportunity that a UB education, and a UB experience can prepare you for.”  – Quincy Parker – Director of Capital Campaign – UB

“We’re here to reconnect with our families and to see how life has grown for many of our graduates and how we can stay connected.” – Davinia Blair – VP Institutional Advancement, Alumni Affairs – UB


After a series of interviews on national radio stations, the UB contingent held a mixer where former students were invited to light lunch at Kalooki’s on Grace Bay.  It was where president Dr. Rodney D. Smith made some announcements which includes the decision to devote two scholarships to the Turks and Caicos Islands.

“We know that the way to help communities to change, to develop, to grow is to educate the individuals in that family.  We know that if one person out of that entire community receives an education, everybody in that company begins to benefit.” – Dr. Rodney D. Smith, President – UB

The Premier accompanied by her husband, Lorne Robinson – both graduates of COB now UB approved of those ideas.

“We welcome this rebirth of a relationship that we enjoyed many years ago,”  Said the Premier.


By: Deandrea Hamilton



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