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Digicel Jumpstart hits TCI again

#TurksandCaicos, April 25, 2018 – Providenciales – Digicel Turks and Caicos is digging up alongside major roadways, making way for what they say will be the fastest way to communicate as the telecommunications company adds a new layer to the country’s technology infrastructure by going underground with fiber.  Still Digicel managed to get some play time in recently and hosted an NBA star for another basketball weekend of Jumpstart.

“This is one of the initiatives that will really help to propel these youngsters, give them that opportunity to be seen by NBA coaches, understand what their skill sets are, what they have to work on on their game so that if they want to look at becoming a professional in the future, they know exactly the areas that they need to focus on and give them a chance to enhance their skills in basketball.” – Addison Stoddard – Digicel

The basketball program, where Digicel is partnered with America’s National Basketball Association is a region wide initiative which fast tracks young male and female basketball stars to big time exposure.  First within their home countries, then on a Caribbean level and then it is off to the USA for the winners who get opportunities which could lead to highly sought after and much welcomed, scholarships.

“We’ve taken players that we have found here in this program and they’ve been able to participate in other NBA programs, such as our basketball without borders camps, and they have many other opportunities.  There are a lot of players who are in this camp who are now playing in U.S high schools and colleges who were identified as part of the Digicel NBA Jumpstart program.  Digicel NBA Jumpstart story continues to grow and be told through the opportunities that these players are receiving.” – Troy Justice – Sr. Dir. International Basketball Operations (NBA)

Six Turks and Caicos youngsters were selected for regionals, including one girl… Coach Mamadou showed them key moves, but said real mastery of the sport comes from within.

“It’s very important, that if you have a dream and a goal, you also are willing to pay the price.” – Mamadou N’Diaye (Former NBA Player, Coach)

Digicel will for the first time take Jumpstart into Haiti, next month.


By: Deandrea Hamilton


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