Global Capital says ‘Employers should sign up for its Payroll Deduction’

Providenciales, Turks and Caicos – February 27, 2018 –  Global Capital is the TCI’s premier micro lending institution, established a little over two years ago, with a clear understanding of the day to day challenges people face in accessing quick, hassle-free financing for everyday expenses.

Managing Director, Victor Lowe has a clear message for employers that hopefully speaks volumes, saying that “Employers have an ideal opportunity to assist their employees, who may be looking for loans by simply agreeing to a “payroll deduction” authorized by the employee”. This concept is not new by any means, the banks have been doing it for many years, posing no risks to employers, unfortunately, banks now-a-days, do not have the appetite to lend unsecured or give persons a second chance who may have “fallen-short” in the past. This is where Global Capital comes in, to deliver a level of service like never seen before in the TCI – payroll deduction is when the employer pays directly to Global Capital on behalf of their employee.”

Mr. Lowe goes on to say that “Global Capital is aware of the every-day needs of people such as emergency medical, educational, travel, family personal expenses, which employees sometimes look to their employers to assist with, unfortunately not all employers are able to assist financially, however they can, by working with Global Capital’s Payroll Deduction Program”. We design the arrangement to protect all involved – there is no risk to the employer.”

According to Mr. Lowe, “Global Capital is not a traditional bank, it does not accept deposits like the banks. Because the “payroll deduction program” is the core of the business, most of the risks is on us as a lender, to find the capital, the staff and time to be able to serve our clients in the manner that we are committed to.” Our services actually takes the burden away from everyday employers in a number of ways, one for example; by providing financial assistance to their employees, this can create a happy and productive workforce.”

Mr. Lowe says “that while the loan costs are much higher than the traditional bank, most of his clients have expressed heartfelt thanks and gratitude to Global Capital for helping them in times of need, whereby they would  have been worse off otherwise” this speaks volumes to the benefits that Global Capital has to offer.”

As part of Global Capital’s commitment to service, the office, now located in Courtyard Plaza, on Leeward Highway, is opened from 8:30am – 5:30pm daily and on Saturdays from 9am – 2pm.

Global Capital is committed to “Helping People, Help Themselves”


PRESS RELEASE:  Global Capital, Turks and Caicos Islands





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