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TCI: PNP Chairman says nothing under-handed at Super Tuesday elections

#Providenciales, September 23, 2019 – Turks and Caicos UIt was human error which led to incomplete lists during the Progressive National Party primary elections on September 10 and the need to add names to the register which drove at least one observer to publicly call the process suspicious. 

“We are very happy and I am very pleased to say that as the chairman of the party, I supervised the elections so I know for sure that the process was very transparent and there was no underhand, sort of activity going on with that,” said Calvin green. 

Media was told the registered PNP voters’ lists were created from paid-up, registered party members who were on the national electors list, but some names were missing explained PNP National Chairman, Calvin Green.

Mr. Green said the instances of missing names were limited to a few people who turned up to vote in the run-offs in Providenciales, where four constituencies were contested.

“We went to the Treasurer and ensure that these persons were paid up… sure, so we know then that was an oversight.  That would be the only case where we would have someone added to the list.”

Devon Williams cited that the Super Tuesday primaries and the process of adding names on party voting day were in contravention of the PNP constitution, however the PNP Executive highlights the day as historic for party politics in the Turks and Caicos Islands. 




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