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TCI: Country Leaders profile serious crime offenders; problem not new, behavior is

#Providenciales, September 17, 2019 – Turks and Caicos The excessive force against victims of serious crimes is a topic of conversation among Caribbean countries and it has TCI officials very concerned as the increasing brutality during armed robberies points to an old issue, gaining new steam.

“We’re talking about disenfranchised young men; you’re talking about men who have no leadership; you’re talking about men who have no mentors and positive role models and it’s a very sad fact that the amount of violence being used actually is ten times more destructive than actually the theft of what you’ve lost,” said Trevor Botting, TCI Police Commissioner.

Premier Sharlene Robinson weighed in on the matter and pointed to other Caribbean region countries which are confronted with the destructive trend, labelled: ‘overkill’.

Magnetic Media questioned whether there is now a need for a professional profiler – a person who analyzes criminal cases in order to get a psychological, behavioral and legal profile of a criminal – to be added to the TCI Police resources.

“I think even without a professional profiler, we know what it is in Turks and Caicos.  It used to be in our minds that they’re unemployed.  But we see now those who are employed are also engaged in criminal activity.  The bottom line for me is it goes down to respect.  That is respect for you, respect for authority and it starts with lack of respect even in your home as parents, where parents have literally kicked the village out assisting them with raising their children,” said Premier Robinson.

Governor Nigel Dakin emphasized that the new tactics, including a first ever Gun Crimes Unit will work to contain crime, but agrees that there are questions to be asked and answered.

“…the conversation about how did we as a society produce that group of young men which the Commissioner and Premier have spoken very powerfully about…”

The leaders, who last week held a news conference on the increase in serious crimes, gun crimes and murder for Turks and Caicos in 2019 do not believe a profiler is required at this stage. 

Police Commissioner Botting assured, “I think its way too early.  I think once we start the work of trying to tackle the root causes I think the issues will come out,” said Commissioner Botting, “…I mean the words ‘father figure’ I think are really critical and having leadership when you are a young man finding your way in the world is really, really critical…”

The Turks and Caicos is with the highest murder count in its history, now at 10 people brutally killed.  Nine men have been killed using illegal firearms, one man was murdered with a makeshift weapon used in a vicious stabbing. 

“We can profile,” said Premier Robinson, “We know these are young men who feel their way out is through violence.  Regrettably disputes are settled in the worst kind of way.”

The TCI Government has already agreed to fund 20 new police recruits but the Premier shared this issue requires new policing strategies and new community mindsets. 

“…because there is a change in the type of criminal that we are dealing with and not just in the Turks and Caicos.” said Premier Sharlene Robinson.




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