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TCI: PDM Deputy Leader labels PNP hypocritical as business tax breaks bill is passed

#Providenciales, March 6, 2019 – Turks and Caicos – The Deputy Premier and Deputy Leader of the PDM today in the House of Assembly accused the Opposition PNP of playing politics with the highly emotive issue related to an Amnesty from which Beaches Resort stands to benefit.

“… at the same time he was levying accusations against the PDM party, accusing us of somehow being influenced by Beaches that he could see Beaches’ hands on the bill, he made the comment about campaign contributions, simultaneously, Mr. Speaker while talking about elevating the debate.”

Astwood, the Member from Five Cays was bold in expressing outrage about the posture of Opposition Leader and former Finance Minister, Washington Misick.

The Hotel & Restaurant Tourism Taxation amendments were related to how companies are taxed; adjusting the law so that resort guests 10 years and under are not billed and taxed and the changes will allow for a 30-day amnesty to collect millions in revenue from 41 companies badly in arrears.

Sean Astwood called the PNP, which abstained from voting on the Amnesty bill, disingenuous.

“If you understand that a mistake was made, why would you criticise the government for fixing a mistake, especially since it was certainly not this government that made the mistake.  Mr. Speaker, I would say this is hypocritical and I expect better from them.  The members know better and unfortunately, they understand the political nature of our people and how sometimes for some people it is so easy to manipulate the situation.”

The DP shared that the PDM Administration has been tasked with fixing issues inherited from the Rufus Ewing Administration; the implication is that there were many lingering problems left by the last PNP Government.

“If they had done their job, Mr. speaker we would not be here today with this.  We would not be here today with this.  The Deputy Premier continued with, “It passed through their hands, it passed through the PNP hands repeatedly and not one of them can point to anything to show that they tried to deal with it…”

The Five Cays member accused the PNP, during its stint as government from 2012-2016 of turning a blind eye and not devoting time to addressing problems.

“There is always something out there that needs to be addressed and fixed and history will never give us the credit on how many issues we have faced, dealt with in such good style that public don’t even realise how serious those issues were and how potentially detrimental they were to this country.  That’s what we were elected for Mr. Speaker, even when some of our people do not fully understand what is being done.”

Sean Astwood added, “…but what does not help Mr. Speaker is when you have an Opposition party that knows better and again, wants claim on one hand that they want to be fair and then on the other hand try to manipulate the unsuspecting voter.”



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