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TCI: College Month plans are count down to 25 Years of TCICC

#Providenciales, March 7, 2019 – Turks and Caicos – Worship, sports, intellectual challenges, business training in sales, meet and greets, radio appearances, appreciation of the teachers and an alumnus register all make up the wide array of activities for the Turks and Caicos Islands Community College during College Month this March 2019. The participation and fun have already started as TCICC has joined with primary and high schools for Education Week festivities March 3-8. 

During a press conference on March 1, it was announced that a special session for the college students is in the area of civic involvement.

“On the 12th, we are going to have Ms. Roxanne Wake-Forbes from the Edward Gartland Youth Centre, she will be over to talk to our students about volunteerism and of opportunities that exist for our students there.”

Some of the students will participate in the Inter-High school sports meet, there are 3-point basketball shoot show-downs, cross country races and in Providenciales on March 14, a softball game will play out at the sports complex field.  Grand Turk will also hold a softball game with lecturers vs students and March 15 will be an entire day devoted to sports competition.

Rachel Harvey, the Public Relations manager of TCICC explained that College World, which airs on Saturdays on Radio Turks and Caicos will continue with the hosts being the students themselves; phone lines for the show are open to youth especially.  Harvey also gives a College Report over RTC.

Another invited guest this month for TCICC College Month events is Myron ‘Jack Nasty’ Lightbourne who will divulge on the ins and outs of the entertainment industry.

“He will talk about the creative side and if there are any students who want to go into that line (of work) he will be here to talk about his journey and we are so happy that he has agreed to come and do that for us.”

Young adults will also get a ‘tender’ touch from its faculty, when a series of opportunities for guest presenters to speak directly to challenges in the lives of TCICC students, will be created in both Providenciales and Grand Turk.  

Community projects are planned for March 22; Cocktail party is set for March 23 in Grand Turk and PTV journalist and National Youth Award winner, Nadija Parker will guest appear on radio talk show, the Principal’s Hour.

An open house is also planned during the month; it is dubbed Business Day with guests invited to speak on a range of topics.

“On March 27th its like open day with an extra punch and there are people who have been invited to speak in the areas of Human Resources, Entrepreneurship, Finances, Banking and Economics.  In Providenciales, we are going to go to the Gus Lightbourne Sports Center and we have invited some of our community partners.  So persons will be able to come in hear from our faculty, see our brochures but more importantly you come in and you hear from those at the college.”

The month will culminate with the cocktail party in Providenciales, and each event, shared Harvey, will give former students and graduates of the Community College an opportunity to register.




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