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No easy words for the British when two vociferous former country leaders speak out against FAC report

#Providenciales, February 23, 2019 – Turks and Caicos – Michael Misick is using the opportunity to raise the issue of independence and says the report from the Foreign Affairs Committee, which was published yesterday, is beyond concerning; the former Premier is calling for islanders to stand in protest to demonstrate outrage.

“If you are concerned about our ability to have any say over the governance of our islands going forward.  If you are concerned about becoming a second-class citizen in your own country.  If you are worried about your property rights.  And if you are worried about the UK forcing their cultural values upon our people.  I urge peaceful protest and support my call for independence,” penned Misick in a statement last night.

He rejects the idea of gay marriage and rejects the recommendation that Britons should have the right to vote and hold elected office in the territory.

Another fire-cracker of a spokesman cited in his statement on Thursday accused the UK of trying to revive colonialism.

Former Chief Minister, Oswald Skippings said: “…we as Turks and Caicos Islanders are most likely to find ourselves bewildered and wedged between a British and Haitian invasion.” 

Skippings said the British is trying to “raise its ugly head” in the report which calls for “strangleholds and nationally invasive measures to be imposed.”

In the report, the British FAC states that Overseas Territory citizens have been able to benefit in what it essentially believes is a lop-sided relationship; the report presented to the British Prime Minister is calling for reciprocity.

Oswald Skippings does not agree and explained, “While it is true that we have been given the right to reside, get employment without work permits, get British Passports and essentially enjoy British Status, that privilege offered to its territories citizens does not in any way whatsoever threaten the British cultural or political sovereignty in their country.”

In fact, Skippings said the comparison is “tantamount to sovereign rape.”

As did Premier Sharlene Robinson and Michael Misick, Oswald Skippings is calling for unity.

“…we need to break the chains of political polarization that is the nemesis of the two-party trap that we have been caught in and tap into committed, innovative and visionary minds that can navigate through turbulent seas of colonialism and globilisation on a whole.”



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