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Bahamas ranks on low on Cybersecurity Index

Nassau, Bahamas July 21, 2017 — Of 164 countries, The Bahamas ranks 129th on the most recent Global Cybersecurity Index (GCI) published by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and Deputy Prime Minister Peter K Turnquest has said the country continues to fall too far behind in this area of safety.

Turnquest also said the low ranking could negatively affect the financial sector and curb the expansion of the local IT industry.

The Index assesses 25 indicators and ranks countries based on commitment to and effectiveness in fighting cyber crime. The Bahamas received high scores on only two of 25 indicators. Turnquest said that the Bahamas ranked too low overall on International reports and that even though these studies can be subjective, they influence perception. He added that it was “critical” that the Government put protocols in place for dealing with cyber crime and that these matters would be addressed soon.



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