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TCI: Young people ‘falling’ to crime, Opposition Leader believes they can be ‘caught’

Grand Turk, November 5, 2018 – Turks and Caicos – The Turks and Caicos needs to build a stronger safety net to stop the young people from falling through and becoming perpetrators and victims of crime; it was the strong sentiment of Opposition Leader expressed in the House of Assembly on October 29, 2018.

“I think we all have a responsibility not to be against anything but to be for something – in the words of Mother Theresa – and sometimes when we come here and we speak against things like we speak against violence and appeal to the young people.  Sometimes it comes as blaming them and criticizing them when it fact what we really need to do is to build a stronger safety net and stop them from falling through.”

Hon Washington Misick believes the verbal appeals for people to behave themselves is not helpful, adding that ‘I believe that is where the effort should be.”

“These islands have tremendous possibility and I would appeal to us to start thinking outside of the box, thinking differently, not to follow the script of other countries.  I believe we can save our youth and we can convert this country into a beacon on the hill that is something the rest of the Caribbean and small nations in particular ought to be proud of,” said Misick during the two-minute speech portion of the recent session.

The fifth all-island member called for a high-level convening and for the Turks and Caicos not to be drawn into the negatives of American culture.

“…because it is touching every family now and every home and we really do need to cast ourselves in a mentoring position if we are going to be delivering a country to the next generation which we can be proud of.”

Despite a recent Police report that crime is down some 30 percent; touted was a more spiritual approach to getting to the core of what is causing crime and how the violence is reaping heart wrenching results.

“Sometimes we have to leave the concrete and appeal to that aspect of our souls because that is where everything emanates.”







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