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TCI: TCHTA Responds to Minister of Tourism Statement

#TurksandCaicos, April 14, 2018 – Providenciales – The Turks and Caicos Hotel Association (TCHTA) discussed our recent press release with senior members of government and, in retrospect, recognize the only tangible solution to solving the challenges and frustrations we all face in a growing economy such as ours, is an enhanced level of communication and a completely open-door policy on both sides. After all, we are entrenched partners, equally invested and with common goals.

Our intention was never to displease the Hon Premier and Government in any way, instead we unreservedly seek ways to strengthen our partnership, improve our tourism product and continue to work on existing and future projects, problems and challenges together, to make the TCI the most desired Destination in the region.

We have excelled together on past projects – i.e. The financing of major airlines, marketing initiatives, elimination of sargassum on our beaches, hosting of the annual TACC and innumerous other international, regional and local initiatives.

It is in this spirit that we feel it is imperative, that we openly and transparently collaborate and move forward in true partnership to ensure that our residents, visitors and business community alike benefit because of this valued, historical relationship.

The TCHTA is delighted to learn that the government has ratified the KPMG National Tourism Strategic Policy paper.  This is an exciting step forward that, when implemented, will result in many positive impacts for the tourism industry – ultimately benefiting everyone.


Release: TCHTA


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